About S.A.E. Psychological

Our Vision & Overview

To provide exceptional Psychological Health & Substance Disorders services to safety sensitive industies, organizations, unions, individuals & their families, and communities with the utmost integrity and excellence.

S.A.E. Psychological offers:

S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. is the industry Leader in Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Product Development, Implementation Strategies, and Service Delivery. We offer the individual, their family members, the communities where they work and risk, the unions, and the corporations a service that relies upon passion, dedication, and most of all– qualified credentialed experience. We care about what we do because we understand and appreciate the importance of that service.

As the Developers of the  SAE/SAS Training Protocols for safety sensitive industries, we are very pleased to state that these Certifications have support from the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF), top Alcohol & Drug Policy experts/writers, and a number of Canadian EFAP developers. Change in industry occurs one company at a time. When you place your trust in S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd., you will see that we understand and appreciate what that gesture means. We believe that our company offers the best mental health and addiction solutions and the best service — bottom line!

We believe in words like integrity, faith, honesty, trust, and charity. These terms are not outdated at our company–they are the cornerstones of our existence. Whether you partner with us as a provider or work with us as an Employee or Associate Employee, you will find that we truly care about and we are honored to be a part of this industry.

“I would highly recommend S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. for any company that would like to offer their employees the best substance abuse evaluation and follow-up treatment services”.  (Direct quote Joyce C., OHN– a Corporate Client)