Adolescent Addiction – Treatment and Assessment

S.A.E. Psychological offers assessment and treatment for adolescents that have an addiction or have other mental health issues. Trust our counsellors to effectively assess behavioural problems and / or addictions, and recommend the right treatment to help your child.

Adolescent treatment is a highly specialized place in the substance disorders field. Because many adolescents have behavioral problems and not, in fact, addictive disorders, our treatment of adolescent dependency disorders begins with careful diagnostics.  When a child is diagnosed as having an alternate disorder the staff at S.A.E. Psychological will assist families in finding the best care for their child. If a dependency disorder is identified your clinician will present all the potential resources and options for qualified care.

At S.A.E. Psychological, we appreciate the need to involve the whole family in an adolescent’s treatment as often times there are systemic issues.

Do you have a child that may be suffering with addiction or another mental health issue? Please contact us today.