FAQs for Individuals

Who qualifies for the addiction programs? Any individual who believes that they have a dependency to alcohol or substances qualifies for our Intensive Treatment Program. If someone is unsure if they have a problem with alcohol or other substances we will perform a comprehensive assessment that includes a clinical diagnostic interview combined with Addiction Severity Index (ASI) testing.

What kind of family involvement is there at S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd.? Family involvement is encouraged. Clients at S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. can initiate family/couple sessions as part of their ongoing recovery process. Many families are devastated by the effects of substance disorders; we appreciate this fact and have qualified clinicians prepared to address the many needs that families bring.

How are client goals established and how are they celebrated? Client goals are personalized between themselves and their initial clinical assessor. For people who attend our Evening Intensive Program, 30-day abstinence anniversaries are celebrated at the group level.

How many people attend the group sessions? Our group sizes vary from a minimum of three people to a maximum of 15 people per group.

What are the Qualification Levels of the clinicians at S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd.? The clinical team at S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. is educated at the Master’s level and above. Staff is trained in best practice techniques from assessment through to treatment. Please see our complete credentials.

What are your privacy policies and procedures? S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. follows the guidelines of the College of Alberta Psychologists’ and the Privacy Commission with respect to all of our interactions/involvements with clients.

If you have additional questions regarding the Services of S.A.E. Psychological Consulting Ltd. you can send these directly to assist@saepsych.com