Intensive Outpatient Programs

Part of what separates S.A.E. Psychological out from others is our capacity, capability, and credentials to conduct qualified professional and in-depth assessment activities with all clients coming through our programming. The vast majority of other programs either have highly qualified addiction experts or highly-qualified clinicians, but very few have the joint combination of clinical psychological staffing and highly experienced recovery coaches in the area of addiction recovery and addiction management.

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In order to treat addiction, the clinician must fully understand and evaluate the individual that is accessing treatment. More often than not most facilities do not have the capabilities to conduct what are referred to as Formal Clinical Assessments. S.A.E. Psychological prides itself in its ability to conduct these assessments and that their lead programmer, Dr. John Streukens, has conducted and/or supervised over five thousand of these assessments across the span of his career. Treatment services are predicated upon what happens at assessment; as such, if someone hasn’t been able or isn’t qualified to conduct a comprehensive assessment then everything that follows from that point cannot be as instructive as when one conducts a formal clinical analysis of a patient. Unfortunately, many psychologists aren’t even able to differentiate between what is a general versus a formal assessment. A formal assessment is directed and conducted in a manner that involves standardized testing {not all psychologists are trained in this activity and they are unable to access these instruments}. There are a multitude of public domain personality inventories available; however, these instruments are not standardized and as such do not maintain reliability and validity data to back up the profiles they are offering.

S.A.E. Psychological Experience…

  • S.A.E. Psychological has over 50 years of personal recovery experience
  • Clinicians working with S.A.E. are qualified, credentialed, and/or trained in psycho-diagnostics
  • Clinicians working with S.A.E. are required to be trained and follow the protocols of the Registered Substance Abuse Expert programming

Here is a list of professional organizations that the clinical lead and supervisor has membership and affiliations with

  • College of Alberta Psychologists (R.Psych.)
  • Psychologists Association of Alberta
  • Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists (CRHSP)
  • Canadian Addiction Counselor Certification Federation (CCAC, ICADC, ICCDPD)
  • United States Department of Transportation (US-DOT-SAP)

S.A.E. Psychological has developed all of its programming with evidenced-based structures and current qualified research. The vast majority of individuals with addictive disorders have a co-occurring mental health disorder. It is imperative that individuals seeking treatment for addiction are equally and concurrently treated for their mental health concerns in order to reduce relapse rates. Our programming has structured its contents keeping in mind the concurrency of mental health issues with addiction and ensures its individual patients the best opportunity at setting a Healthy Foundation, developing a positive recovery plan, and implementing an effective relapse prevention protocol post-treatment. We do this because we understand that the first year of recovery is essential for someone’s long-term likelihood at success. When patients complete their initial phase of treatment with S.A.E. Psychological, they are provided with a comprehensive plan for ongoing recovery as part of their treatment experience. Contact us today to begin your personalized program.