Interns & Provisional Psychologists

At S.A.E. Psychological we support our discipline by taking on interns and provisional psychologists. To date, we have never charged for either of these services to our industry. In fact, we pay our provisional staff at a rate commensurate with their years of education and experience. Internship programs often do not allow for payments to the students; in the event that students are allowed compensation, we endeavor to find a fair rate of pay for these individuals.

The amount of effort required to train and supervise Provisional Psychologists & Interns is significant and not to be taken lightly. We take on this responsibility carefully and only when we are able to offer the level of commitment needed to ensure candidates will be well trained & supervised. This approach typically allows us to have only one new intern or provisional staff member every year or every two years. All staff at S.A.E. Psychological are professional and competent to the activities entrusted to them; this includes our provisional and internship staffing. Clients are always informed of the level of qualification from their direct clinician.

If you are interested in our Internship/Provisional Staff Programming please contact Dr. Streukens directly. Additionally, please ensure that your educational institution is in support of our organization when looking to do internships (we are pre-approved at a number of post-secondary institutions already, however new schools will need to complete their own review of our company before approving us for their programs).