Have you exhausted all efforts to refer someone you care about to enter treatment for a substance disorder. An Intervention may be the route to pursue.

Interventions are intense measures intended to place the full scope of someone’s addiction in front of them with an accompanying request that they choose treatment or be prepared to live with the consequences of continued addiction patterns. Not everyone is suited for an Intervention Program; a qualified Interventionist’s, will conduct a preliminary interview to determine a family/individual’s suitability for the process.

There are a number of goals to an Intervention that are equally important; however, one key to a good Intervention is having the addicts’ supports well educated and supported regardless of the choices made by the addict at the Intervention. Primary goals include…

  • Education
  • Support Development
  • Psychological/ Emotional Healing
  • Treatment Acceptance
  • Consequence Enforcement

All Interventions begin with a preliminary consultation with the family and/or concerned persons’ requesting the Intervention. At this stage what is explored is the suitability for the Intervention to occur. An Intervention will only occur if…

  • All members are invested and willing to accept direction
  • All other means to offer assistance have been exhausted or the severity of the addicts condition warrants this type of action
  • There can still be an impact in circumstances where an Intervention has already been conducted without treatment success
  • All members are prepared to enforce meaningful consequences should the addict choose not to alter their behaviors
  • All members are prepared to address their own addictions should these exist
  • All members are prepared to stop any enabling behaviors with the addict

You can read more about interventions in our Resources section.