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Sometimes we need help. Admitting so can be the hardest step to take. Thank you for taking it today. Whether you are suffering from an addiction or just need to talk with someone about challenges in your life or specific mental health concerns, we are here for you.

At S.A.E. Psychological we have both personal and professional awareness of addictive issues. We know what the addiction battle looks like and we’re at your side. Let’s figure out how to make your life better, together; today.

Our addiction assessment and treatment services are built on experience and based on science. You will work with innovative and caring counsellors to develop a personalized program that addresses all your mental health needs.

S.A.E Psychological provides addiction services  to individuals, couples, families, and organizations needing support and treatment services to achieve recovery and get back to a healthy pre-addiction lifestyle. Our addictions assessment and treatment expertise includes alcohol, drugs (including prescription drugs), gambling, sex and other compulsive disorders.

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