Addiction Treatment & Relapse Prevention

Addiction Treatment

Our Addiction Treatment programs aim to further motivate and promote behavior change to achieve lasting sobriety. Individuals that access our programming come from a variety of places in their respective recovery; people who are at the beginning of their recovery process and need to remain in their work environments, people who have just completed inpatient care and have the desire to continue in their growth process at an intensive level, and individuals in their first two-years of 12-step recovery that want additional psychological/ behavioral/ and spiritual development.

Relapse Prevention

At S.A.E. Psychological, we recognize that continuing care after intensive treatment is one of the most important reasons for continued sobriety. We strongly support the utilization of mutual self-help group attendance while attending our programs and upon discharge. While at S.A.E. Psychological, our Clinicians will work with the individual client to have a strong continuing care plan upon discharge. This continuing care programming is provided as part of our treatment programs.

Because Relapse Prevention is such an integral part to ongoing recovery we offer ongoing support in this area. We deliver both individual and live web-based video sessions.

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