Personal Testimonials

“I met with S.A.E. to discuss my concerns about my drinking. I was a daily drinker and was drinking more and more each day. However, I was holding down a challenging, professional job and meeting all my business/family obligations and responsibilities, so I was conflicted. How could I be an alcoholic if I was still managing my life? My clinician asked me many questions and listened carefully to my answers. It was non-judgmental but by the end of the session, they told me frankly that in their opinion I was a “functioning alcoholic”. There was no sugar coating it. The recommended treatment options were realistic and they helped me chart a course of recovery. My clinician encouraged me to keep in touch but did not “push” additional appointments. In all our dealings, they demonstrated that I mattered a great deal as a person, not as a bill-paying client. I would recommend S.A.E.’s services to anyone looking for realistic, honest, and compassionate answers to their addition problems. Thanks!”