Pre-Employment Testing & Profiles

Organizations pay out billions of dollars every year in “bad hires”, which result in employee turnover, performance difficulties, psychological disability claims (both valid and invalid), and workplace morale issues. Often times the hiring personnel consist of a supervisor and possibly an HR Division. More often than not these individuals are highly skilled at interviewing and seeking out the traits needed to perform a position, which is often based upon past performance and “loaded” references. There are times however, where adding the skills of a clinical psychologist is helpful. We are expertly trained in psychometrics and/or the identification of potentially “bad fit” employees based upon their career patterning and/or their personality dynamics.

S.A.E. Psychological Can Assist!

Our experts can provide a number of resources to the area of pre-employment hiring practices in order to reduce the costs associated with “bad hires”. We can assist hiring managers in identifying thcareer signe working styles they value in employees and selecting applicants based on the degree to which they possess those working styles. We additionally are able to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their personal work preferences and how they approach a variety of situations in the workplace, allowing them to identify potentially satisfying positions and adjust characteristics that will aide in their new workplace. Finally, we can identify prospective candidates that may have significant issues that would interfere with their ability to perform the job they are interviewing for and suggest alternate courses of action.


In a recent study 69% of employers believed that their company had been adversely affected by a “bad hire”. Additionally, 80% of turnover is related to ineffective hiring decisions. The number two reason employees leave a job–poor fit. Supervisors spend 17% or one day/week supervising employees who are performing poorly. On average employee turnover costs organizations upwards of 30 Billion/year.

Other Employer Averages:

  • 39% say a bad hire reduced productivity in the workplace
  • 35% believe a bad hire created additional expenses in recruiting and training replacement employees
  • 19% claim that a bad hire had a negative impact upon their clients
  • 11% stated that a bad hire resulted in fewer sales
  • 9% say that a bad hire resulted in legal fees

71% of HR professionals indicate that personality tests could prove useful in predicting job related behavior and organizational fit; yet 82% of organizations do not use personality testing with new hires.


Our pre-employment testing is recommended to be part of a “battery” of evaluations that occur in the hiring process. That battery can consist of pre-employment medicals, substance testing, positional interviews, job shadowing, and/or internships.

Our psychometrics measure 18 constructs that are grouped across five general categories: Drive, Interpersonal Skill, Adjustment, Responsibility, and Problem-Solving Skill.

We additionally employ psychometrics that examines the “Big Five”: Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. These characteristics are a frequent part of over-viewing prospective candidates and career counseling activities. Finally, we explore someone’s personality features as these relate to their current health, the position, and the company as a whole. We also have the capability to offer testing that explores an individual’s Holland Code and apply this information to the overall reporting.


A number of organizations are additionally taking steps to “profile” their divisions. This is being conducted for a variety of rationales…

  • to ensure proper fit
  • to ensure or expand diversity
  • to identify problematic departments
  • to assist in interviewing documents

S.A.E. Psychological can assist in your hiring and employment practices. Our qualified TEAM of professionals bring years of expertise and experience in career consulting, hiring practices, and corporate profiling. If you’re looking to reduce the costs associated with “Bad Hires” and increase your productivity and profits, make your next employment relationship with the consulting firm of S.A.E. Psychological.