Value of SAE/SAS Protocol Training

SAE: The investment in time and money will have a high return on investment. The fees that the SAE will be able to charge will quickly regain the investment.

SAS: Companies will have the assurance that they are engaging experts. This will assist their human resource process and reduce their risk of litigation and higher insurance rates. SAS’s will additionally be able to charge, should they choose to do so, a nominal fee to those candidates that they are actively supervising for supervision time, consultation, and report sign-off activities. Recommended fees for supervision time and consultation are typically set at the rates for one-hour (or a portion thereof) of professional consult time as set by your current professional organization.

Recommended Fee Guide

  • SAE Assessment: $925.00/ assessment
  • SAE Treatment: $125.00- $200.00/ hour
  • SAS Sign-Off: $200.00/ report
  • SAS Supervision: $125.00- $200.00/ hour

Registration Fees (Sale pricing)

SAE(less the $100.00 application fee*)

  • Online Training $325.00*
  • Online Training Plus Materials CD $400.00*

SAS: (post SAE Protocol Training)…

  • Online Training $250.00
  • Online Training Plus Materials CD $325.00

For Group Training Events please contact S.A.E. Psychological directly for details and discounts.