Relapse Prevention Services

At S.A.E. Psychological, we recognize that continuing care after intensive treatment is one of the most important reasons for continued sobriety. We strongly support the utilization of mutual self-help group attendance while attending our programs and upon discharge. While at S.A.E. Psychological, our Clinicians will work with the individual client to have a strong continuing care plan upon discharge. This continuing care programming is provided as part of our treatment programs.

Because Relapse Prevention is such an integral part to ongoing recovery we offer a 23 week rotating Aftercare Group. This group runs once a week and individuals purchase 10 week blocks at a time. This program is a live web-based video conference.  It has been designed in this fashion to allow all participants to feel like this is “in-person” yet from the comfort of their own location. All participants must go through a pre-screening session to ensure that this is the most appropriate methodology and course of action for their treatment planning.

For those individuals that prefer not to have “group” based care we also offer the same online service in a one-one format.

To register or for more information please email today.