SAE and SAS Protocol Training

What is the SAE Protocol?  

Dr. Streukens initiated the term SAE (Substance Abuse Expert) in 2004 as a Canadian response to the SAP.  Having gone through numerous revisions between 2008-2011 the emerging SAE Protocol is now offered through S.A.E. Psychological and it has become the National Standard of programming in the Substance Disorders field as it relates to safety-sensitive workplaces.

The SAE Protocol has two levels of qualifications inclusive of the SAE (Substance Abuse Expert) and the SAS (Substance Abuse Supervisor). SAE’s are encouraged to operate through consultation and reporting sign-off from an SAS.

To apply for SAE/SAS Training please contact S.A.E. Psychological directly.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE EXPERT—SAE: In order to gain training in the SAE Protocols an individual must meet the following pre-qualifications.

Part One… A licensed physician, a licensed/ registered psychologist, a licensed/ registered social worker, a licensed/ registered RN or RPN, or a credentialed alcohol and drug abuse counsellor.

Part Two… As an SAE candidate, you must also provide documentation showing additional training/ experience/ supervision in the substance disorders field. You must have:

  1. knowledge of and clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse-related disorders (2000 hours for Provisional Status and 6000 hours for Full Status) and,
  2. an understanding of the safety-sensitive implications of substance use and abuse


SUBSTANCE ABUSE SUPERVISOR—SAS: To be qualified as an SAS you must meet or exceed the qualifications of an SAE and possess over 5 years’ experience in the direct treatment of Substance Disorders; at least half of this experience must come from an Inpatient Treatment facility or a recognized Outpatient Clinic. As an alternate to inpatient/outpatient treatment experience, the completion of 50 neutrally audited assessments (post-registration as an SAE) may be recognized as sufficient. To qualify as an SAS, you must also be a licensed physician; a licensed or registered social worker (Master’s level); a licensed or registered psychologist (Master’s level) or a credentialed clinical alcohol and drug abuse counsellor (Master’s level) as there is a requirement to oversee work where a psychological fitness for work statement is made.

SAE & SAS Training consists of a standardized training protocol as delivered by S.A.E. Psychological. S.A.E Psychological offers all courses. All SAE candidates will have to complete an examination upon course completion. All SAE providers are recommended to work under the supervision of an SAS.