SAE Program – Addiction Assessment and Treatment

Built on Experience; Based on Science.

Your business cannot afford to have employees suffering from alcohol and drug issues. Substance abuse and addiction has a negative effect on not just a single person, but your entire business. Alcohol and drug problems will in fact put your business at risk, particularly if you are in a safety sensitive industry such as oil and gas, construction, or transportation.

The Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Protocol Training is often recognized as the national standard in addiction assessment and treatment for safety-sensitive workplaces. S.A.E. Psychological developed the SAE/SAS Protocols and remains the industry leader in the field. SAE/SAS Clinicians provide Organizations, Unions, Employees, Safety-Sensitive Industries and the Communities in which we work, the peace of mind of knowing that competence and quality are paramount when addressing substance use issues.

Our experts evaluate clients using standardized assessment,  testing, and reporting protocols; thus reducing the potential of any grievance based upon an allegation of discrimination. The Clinical Assessment has been standardized to the degree that diagnostics drive recommendations for treatment.

Psycho-Educational Programs & Treatment

At S.A.E. Psychological we treat Unspecified Substance Related Disorders & Substance Use Disorder diagnosis. The Unspecified Substance Related Disorders Treatment program includes psycho-educational services conducted in a one-on-one setting with a qualified clinician. Efforts focus on coping mechanisms, risk factors, commitment, and relapse prevention, with the goal of providing individuals with the best opportunity to  return to pre-abuse lifestyles.

Relapse Prevention

With Substance Use Disorders, client recovery is ongoing. We offer our clients comprehensive continuing care to ensure their continued recovery. Our relapse prevention program is abstinence-based with the inclusion of 12-step recovery resources. A client may participate in this program for up to two years.

As the developer of the SAE Protocol programs and with expertise in assessing and treating all forms of process addictions (gambling, sex, and other compulsive issues), we believe S.A.E. Psychological is your best choice for addiction assessment & treatment.

Co-occurring Disorders

If you, or someone you know, if suffering from addiction or a substance use disorder, there’s a good chance there are other mental health issues involved. This is known as co-occurring disorders, and we can help.

S.A.E. Psychological offers you the chance of continued recovery by first assessing your substance patterns or addiction issues as well as any possible mental health issues. We then develop a personal treatment plan unique to your specific requirements. Your treatment plan will treat your addiction and mental health issues together and at the same time. This is known as the Integrated Model of Treatment, and it is proven to have the greatest recovery success rate.

Did you know?

  • Up to 65.5% of people with a substance dependency or addiction have at least one mental health issue
  • Approximately 51% of people with a mental health issue have at least one substance dependency or addiction
  • Schizophrenia and substance dependency or addiction co-occurring at 28%
  • Bi-Polar and substance dependency or addiction co-occurring at 51%
  • Mood disorder and substance dependency or addiction co-occurring at 72%
  • 50 to 75% of people receiving treatments for substance dependency or addiction also have another mental health issue
  • Of those with a mental health issue, 25 to 50% currently have or have had a substance dependency or addiction issue

You are not alone. There is help. Please reach out to us today.