S.A.E. Psychological Clinical Leadership

Dr. J. P. (John) Streukens,
Ph.D.(Ed), M.Ed., R.Psych., ICADC, ICCDPD, SAP
President & CEO

Dr. John Streukens

Dr. John Streukens has spent almost 3 decades providing treatment services to addicts of every substance and from every walk of life.

His first experience in working in this area came at a skid row detox facility. He moved on from this experience after two years to work in a medical detox facility providing services to the community of Calgary. Both of these places contributed to his appreciation for choices made by addicts; some recover some don’t, paramount to the process is to be respectful, non-judgemental, and allow the addict to decide their recovery path based upon the best recommendations and resources available. Some will choose recovery, some will choose recovery later, and some will not recover and will face the ultimate consequence form this disorder. His ability for compassionate understanding was influenced from these experiences.

Before beginning his Master’s degree, John worked in the EAP community (it hadn’t become the EFAP world until later) while it was still in its infancy stage in the Calgary area. This initiated his passion for working and balancing the needs of an employer with the services to an employee. The majority of programs back then were heavily focused upon addiction in the workplace, an area John embraced as an extension of the previous work he had done. The focus now was upon treatment services for those suffering from an addiction. John’s Master’s degree focused upon alcoholism and emotional recovery; he was able to dispel a myth related to long-term recovery. While working on his Master’s degree, John consulted to the Saskatchewan government and provided curriculum and training to those in the field of addictions. He also taught at the University of Regina in the Substance Disorders certificate program. Both of these experiences assisted him later in developing a major credentialing certification. More importantly, it drove another area of passion; helping educate and train both students and colleagues in this critical but often ignored area of psychology.

Upon completion of his Master’s, John returned to EFAP and inpatient treatment work. After 10 years, John returned to school in order to obtain his doctorate degree. He had an interest in a new area of study in the field of addictions and decided to pursue this through formal schooling and research. The area is spirituality and recovery, John believed this to be an important component to recovery from the hundreds of people he had treated.

Upon successful completion of this degree, he immediately began work on bringing a qualified credential to the field of addictions. John had come to understand that the field of psychology was remiss in its education as it relates to people with substance problems. He has also been witness to many people working within this critical area and not having even a basic course in addictions. John developed a professional substance assessment training protocol for those working in the safety-sensitive industries. He developed this program because in his words “it was the right thing to do”.

Today, John continues to consult to men’s treatment facilities and he is currently working on a Relapse Prevention testing instrument. S.A.E. Psychological is built upon his experience, education, passion, and values that direct the operations of our organization.

To contact Dr. Streukens directly– jstreukens@saepsychological.com