Self Help

Recovery in Isolation: Living in Remote Camps or Communities

Psychologist Heal Thyself

Merry Christmas 2012

National Recovery Month: September


Substance Abuse 101

Case Example – Substance Disorders


Becoming Accountable – Exercise

Accountability – Case Example

Pray for Those in Need

Happiness and Love

The Joys of Giving

Communication Skills

Communiciation Skills: Talking

Being ‘Other Centred’

Focus Upon Needs

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Part 2

Relapse Preventions – Final Thoughts

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Steps

Conflict Resolution – the Final Steps

Spirituality in Recovery

Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual Development

Lust and Attraction

Mature Love

Healthy Commitment

Today’s Marriages

Marriage: Building the House

Marriage: The Final Structures

When Marriages are Diamond

Emotional Affairs

Sexual Infidelties

Rebuilding – After the the Affair

Affairs to Relationships – the Reality


Separation – Consider the Factors

Separation – Focus on the Children

Good Friday Brings HOPE

Depression or Sadness

Diagnosing Depression

Treating Depression

Anxiety: Then and Now

Anxiety versus Worry

Anxiety and Cognitive Disorders

Life Lessons from Vacation

Forgiveness – Self-focused

Forgiveness – Other Centred

Finding Forgiveness


Developing Healthy Friendships

Friendships – Negative Characteristics

Selecting a Clinician

Counseling Approaches

Counseling Approaches – Part 2

What is Stress?

Common Stresses and Symptoms

Stress Management Exercises

Ride for the Cure

Co-dependency versus Caring

Diagnosing Co-dependency

Healing Co-dependency

Correcting Negative Thinking

Resolving Distortions – Part 1

Resolving Distortions – Part 2

Exploring Personality

Personality Profiles

Personality Types

Personas – Using Masks in Interactions

Personality Change

Sleep Habits

Sleep Disturbances

Sleep Solutions


Intervention Phases

Relationships 101

Communications Skills: Listening

Intervention Phases – Phase 2

Intervention Phases – Final Phases

Faith, Hope, and Charity

Want a Great Marriage…Start Dating!

12-Step Programs

12-Steps Programs: Steps 1 – 3

12-Step Programs: Steps 4 – 9

12-Step Programs: Steps 10 – 12

The Psychopaths Among Us

Psychopaths – Questionnaire

The Arrival of Spring – New Beginnings

Healthy Parenting

Gambling Disorders

Medications to Assist in Recovery

What Do All Those Letters Mean?


Resolutions for the New Year

Christmas – A Time to Reflect



Teen Trends with Substances


Proposed DSM-V Substance Abuse Diagnosis

Mentoring Relationships


I Tested Positive! Now What?

Stages of Change

Anger Issues and Anger Management

New Years Resolutions versus Real Change

Merry Christmas 09

Codependency and Enabling: Helping Loved Ones

Stress and the Return to Work & School

Am I Depressed?