The Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Industry

Realities in the Substance Assessment and Treatment Industry

In today’s occupational environments, specifically, the safety-sensitive workplaces there continues to be a significant issue related to Alcohol and Drug use, misuse, and disorders. The costs associated with this critical workplace area is exhaustive and unless properly contained can become the albatross for many businesses.      

A qualified professional solution to this issue is the Substance Abuse Expert (SAE) Protocol Training offered through S.A.E. Psychological. The SAE Protocol Training provides Organizations, Employees, Safety-Sensitive Industries, and Communities, the peace of mind of knowing that competence and quality are paramount when addressing Substance Use Issues.

These Professional Training Programs are intended to provide organizations and industry a qualified standard for all clinicians’ working within safety-sensitive environments where SAE activities are occurring (clinical assessments, treatment of substance use issues, and drug-testing recommendations).  Currently, there are NO standards and NO regulations in place and unfortunately many clinicians’ working within this area are either under-trained and/or unqualified to be conducting assessments and/or providing ongoing care. Current assessment and treatment services are potentially not valid, reliable, or legally defensible without the credentials of a recognized expert. The professional protocol training through S.A.E. Psychological provides the SAE Industry a qualified standard.

Questions to Consider when Selecting an SAE Provider

Many organizations are beginning to ask, “Who is qualified to be conducting work in this critical area”? The answer to this question can become confusing. A significant number of providers are often not trained to an “expert level” in Substance Disorders and thus many are not qualified to be conducting this type of work.

For those individuals that are Psychologists’ and Clinical Social Workers, this alone does not qualify them to be experts in the Substance Disorders area either. In Canada, the respective provincial College of Psychologists and the provincial College of Social Workers performs a meaningful and qualified function in vetting those candidates seeking to provide general mental health services however, neither of these organizations can claim that they have processes in place to credential professionals specifically for work in Addictions.

The public deserves qualified providers in this area and as such, those individuals trained through S.A.E. Psychological can demonstrate this expertise.


Any organization operating without qualified, competent, and properly trained substance abuse experts is running the risk of having a high rate of assessment errors, poor treatment planning & implementation, and non-competence in the area of relapse prevention. The lack of regulation or standardization can be problematic for the individual being assessed, the safety of the workplace, organizational assets, and the communities where safety-sensitive work is being conducted. Corporations, Unions, and Individuals within the safety-sensitive work environment deserve qualified substance abuse experts conducting their assessment. Potential errors at the level of assessment can negatively affect a workers career and livelihood, place people at higher risk for accidents, or potentially be a cause or contributor to a major environmental disaster.